Press Kit (EN)


Game Name: Escape from Galaxen

Developer: Ramen Profitable / Billete Cohete

Release Date: August 2023

Platform: Meta Quest

Devices: Oculus Quest 1, 2 and 3

Price: $5.99

ESRB: Everyone

Press Contact: [email protected]

Spanish Presskit:

"Escape from Galaxen"


Escape from Galaxen is a fun VR action game that combines the nostalgia of a classic shoot 'em up with the agility and immersion typical of Virtual Reality, featuring a retro design marked by references to the arcade culture of the 1980s.

You will travel back to 1985 to play Galaxen, a game that traps you in an arcade machine and forces you to defend yourself and escape from the alien invasion using your favorite toy weapons to make it home safely for dinner.

Escape from Galaxen, developed for Virtual Reality by Ramen Profitable Games in collaboration with Billete Cohete, the indie game incubator behind The Game Kitchen (The Last Door, Blasphemous, Blasphemous 2, All on Board!).